About us

Looking for reliable earthmoving and cartage services in Wairarapa?

Kieran Oliver Contracting is an experienced contracting business that offers mostly earthmoving, cartage and related services. We are based in Masterton, but we offer our services throughout the Wairarapa area.

Our team offers a friendly, professional, and efficient service, delivering the highest quality finish at a competitive price. Being an owner/operator, you will be dealing directly with us throughout the whole job from quote to completion.

We have a wide variety of equipment, including graders and bulldozers, all of which allow us to get our jobs done with precision and within stipulated time frames.

Company History

Kieran Oliver Contracting was started by Kieran Oliver in 2015 in Masterton. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength, and we have tripled our staff and multiplied our machinery in the past year or so. We are very proud of the exceptional growth that Kieran Oliver Contracting has experienced and the support we have received from local businesses and residents in the Wairarapa area.

We recently took over Hooper Contracting and have renamed it Kieran Oliver Quarries Ltd, which is also involved in earthmoving and cartage. We also have our very own quarry which Kieran Oliver Quarries Ltd operates. Here we specialise in extracting rock from land and rivers. We then cart it back to the quarry, where it is crushed. Customers can load up what they need, or Kieran Oliver Contracting can deliver it to various job sites.

What We Offer

At Kieran Oliver contracting, we are primarily an earthworks and cartage contractor, but we also offer many related services in Wairarapa.

We are able to offer these services thanks to our incredible team of around 30 staff members, as well as our well-cared-for and regularly maintained machinery and equipment. The fact that we operate our own quarry also allows us to access our own raw materials and offer these raw materials to our customers at a reasonable price.


We have a wide range of cutting edge equipment, including graders and bulldozers.


We offer a comprehensive range of residential services, including swimming pools, driveways etc.


Our professional team can handle all of your drainage needs by making use of our specialised equipment.

Forestry Roading

We specialise in forestry and roading services in the Wairarapa area.

Horse Arenas

We create horse arenas on farms in Wairarapa, ensuring that they are properly flattened and drained.

On top of all of these services, we also have a topsoil company running from the yard.

We offer our services to residents and tradespeople like builders etc., as well as farms, rural properties, and businesses.

Our Values

At Kieran Oliver Contracting, we have the following values, which we stand by!


We know how important it is to work with a team that is reliable and do what they say they would. At Kieran Oliver Contracting, we are proud to provide you with a highly reliable team that arrives on time and sticks to timelines as much as the weather will allow.


The safety of our staff members and clients is always our very top priority. When it comes to earthmoving and cartage services, there are often risks involved, and that is why we perform in-depth risk analysis. Our staff have all had the necessary training to adequately navigate risks and provide the safest service possible.


There is nothing worse than working with a contractor that does not answer their phone, does not reply to emails and is generally uncommunicative. This is why our team aims to be highly communicative and send you updates as the project progresses.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is very important when it comes to earthworks and cartage services. We leave your property in a neat and tidy condition and ensure that the work we do for your project is prioritised with precision and accuracy.

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