Are you looking for residential excavation and earthmoving work to be done on a property in Wairarapa?

Kieran Oliver Contracting Ltd is your local expert who offers a complete range of services for all your residential earthmoving needs. With several years of valuable experience behind us, we offer you a top-notch service that you can depend on.

Our Residential Earthmoving Services

At Kieran Oliver Contracting, we offer the following residential earthmoving services throughout the Wairarapa area:

Driveways- A driveway is an entrance to the home, so it should be done properly! At Kieran Oliver Contracting, we have worked on numerous driveway-related earthmoving projects and understand the importance of levelling and precision.

Foundations- When it comes to residential construction projects, Kieran Oliver Contracting has been involved in dozens of excavations for residential property foundations.

Site and floor slab preparation- Site and floor slabs need to be completely level, and that is why it is very important to have our professional team that has the right levelling equipment to get things precise.

Landscaping- Professional landscaping often requires a lot of earthmoving and cartage to achieve the look that you are looking for. With our bulldozers and graders, we’re able to add value to your landscaping project.

Swimming pools- Before a swimming pool can be constructed; precise land clearing needs to take place. Our equipment at Kieran Oliver Contracting allows us to offer you extreme accuracy when it comes to the earthmoving requirements for swimming pools.

Pond and drain clearing- Wanting to add a pond to your property? Our team at Kieran Oliver Contracting can do the earthmoving required.

Tree and land clearing- Do you need trees and plants cleared off your land to make way for further development, or do you simply want a better view? Our team can handle all of your tree and land clearing needs.

Subdivisions- Offering all of the excavation and earthmoving services that you need for any subdivisions.

All of the residential excavation services we offer are done using cutting edge equipment. Our staff are fully trained, and safety and customer satisfaction are top priorities for us at Kieran Oliver Contracting.

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