At Kieran Oliver Contracting, we wouldn’t be able to offer the services we do without our cutting edge equipment. We have recently experienced exponential growth, and our equipment has multiplied along with our staff members.

We have all of the machinery and equipment we need to carry out our drainage, horse arena, residential, and forestry & roading services in Wairarapa!

Our Equipment

Some of the equipment that we have at Kieran Oliver Contracting includes:

Laser-guided Levelling Gear – Our excavators are equipped with laser levels ensuring you get a precise job the first time, every time. We use only the latest technology when it comes to levelling gear, and you can trust Kieran Oliver Contracting if you are looking for accuracy.

Laser-guided Grader – Perfect for building sites, sports fields and horse arenas, our automatic laser-guided grader is the only one of its kind in the Wairarapa area and works fast and precisely, allowing us to complete big jobs like floor slabs quicker & with more accuracy than any of our competitors.

Excavators – We have excavators ranging from 3 to 20 tonnes to cover all your earthmoving requirements. All excavators are equipped with drilling attachments with the capability of drilling up to 8 meters deep and up to a 1-meter diameter. Our excavators are also equipped with thumbs making tree work and site clearing a lot quicker.

Bulldozers – With various sized bulldozers for capability on all-terrain on-site. These bulldozers are ideal for a wide range of the services that we offer, and we use them on a regular basis. Thanks to our high-quality bulldozers, we can move large amounts of earth and work within efficient time frames.

New & Regularly Maintained Equipment

Having new or regularly maintained and serviced equipment is extremely important in the earthmoving and cartage industry. Safety is very important to us here at Kieran Oliver Contracting. That is why we ensure that we use modern equipment with all of the latest safety features, and we prioritise regular maintenance on all of our equipment.

All of our staff members have the necessary training required to operate the machinery and equipment that they are required to use when doing work for Kieran Oliver Contracting.

Contact Us

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